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Welcome to KDG KDrama Nation

A Community Of KDrama Fans Learning Korean In Bite Sized Pieces

About Us

Do you love KDramas but find it hard to learn Korean?

You are not alone. Our KDrama Nation community is specifically designed for KDrama fans who want to learn Korean but don't know where to start.

Unlike other ventures, we keep things simple by only focusing on the most essential parts and keeping everything in small bite sized pieces.

For example, our focus is purely on learning Hangul and spoken Korean. We emphasize building vocabulary first so you have the tools to understand the rules of Korean grammar.

To put it another way, we help KDrama fans learn spoken Korean in bite sized pieces so they can:

  • Understand more of what is being said in Korean dramas
  • Interact more with Korean businesses within their neighborhood
  • Have the confidence to speak Korean when they finally go to visit South Korea

Why Join?

If you're looking for a community of KDrama fans that wants to learn in bite sized pieces, then KDrama Nation is your new home on the Internet.

When you join you will receive full access to all the standard areas of our community including:

  • All our KDrama themed posts including our weekly "What are you watching this week?" post
  • Our monthly theme and posts around each monthly theme
  • Book Club, Gabfest and other special events

 Plus priority access and discounts for our:

  • Paid Lab Sessions
  • Beginner and Advanced Hangul Courses
  • Weekly Vocab Building Workshops
  • And much more

How To Join

Basic membership is free, so make sure to scroll to the top of this page and hit the request to join button today!